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Paladin wip by AlishmcMalish
Paladin wip
I'm making this for that outcast odyssey thing and I'm just putting this here as a time stamp in case there's other similar designs. 
RP Lineup by AlishmcMalish
RP Lineup
Apparently the only time I can be arsed to draw is when I'm doing an RP that's specifically sci fi filled with cyborgs. 
Starting from left to right: 
1. Damn that pose is awkward. Initially I was just drawing awkward concept art poses and then I accidentally started adding personality to the poses so now this chick looks terrible but it's too late. The chick is Kaahlin, an astrophysicist that worked with Sol and was in the same accident as him so she's got the same experimental cybernetic enhancements. But she works for THE ENEMY so she's technically bad but not really. Probably an antihero. I dunno. I've literally only rped her for a 5 minute cameo. 
2. Sol, in a really kinda retarded pose. I can't draw him. I dunno why. He's dressed in what I imagine engineer's wear because he's a mechanical engineer that did ROTC. HE'S MY CHARACTER. YEAH. I ALWAYS PLAY THE SAME LOOKING DUDE. DON'T CARE. BUT. He's actually a nice guy. I never rp nice guys, I normally rp assholes and I kinda like being a nice guy for once. Who'd've thought. 
3. Penelope is Hopelessromantic's (forgot how to link to people), but I can promise she'll comment if you wanna check her stuff out. She's a skeletor doctor that specializes on working on people that have cybernetic enhancements, making her a little uncommon in her field of study. 
4. I'm so lazy that for twins, I literally just copy pasted and mirrored one drawing. These two are literally just called "the twins". They never talk and are always hiding behind the little chick. No one's really sure why they're there but it's assumed that they have something to do with programming systems and developing maps and matrices. They're also based visually on my favourite French-Belgian rapper.  
5. The little chick is called Lydia and she's as much of a bitch as she looks. She's a mini juggernaught that verbally steamrolls everyone she encounters and is a weapons expert that enjoys killing the shit out of everything that moves. 

All but 1 of them are cyborgs. I FUCKING LOVE CYBORGS. 
Cyborg agaaain by AlishmcMalish
Cyborg agaaain
Do I ever draw anything that isn't a cyborg anymore? 
The correct answer is NO.
This doodle actually took me for fucking ever cos I'm so ridiculously rusty and the pose changed angles about 5000 times and now it looks weird and I can't even look at this crap anymore. 

So, the character is just one character. Not twins or whatever. I'm retarded and wanted to give him a name like Saul or something so I went with Sol and remembered way too late that Sol is sun and that's super gay but I'm not changing it at this point. Saul Sol, potato patato.
On the left is what he looks like now a la extended space exposure. His lungs exploded cos he held his breath and apparently that'll blow up your lungs in a vacuum which is pretty metal and his extremities were frostbitten so his boss was like CUT IT ALL OFF AND START FROM THE TOP. So he's a quadriplegic, but a really cool one cos now he has robot parts and robot parts are just so much better than human parts. 
On the right is a really dull erry day concept design just showcasing what he looks like with clothing and skin prosthetics covering the metal. The metal was designed with the intent of being seen but he covers it cos people judge robutts. 

Let's be honest, this is just a lazy fucking visual for a roleplay character so I'm not just visualizing a vaguely humanoid blob the whole time.
I do have a new tumblr.
So Anonymissus didn't steal the Loki painting from me. I put it there myself XD I already got a couple notes asking me so yes they're the same person. 
M'Lady by AlishmcMalish
I actually started this 3 months ago, so I'm not trying to ride on the coattails of Thoretta or whatever her name is (NOT LADY THOR Marvel screams). I did like 80% of the painting initially then got to the metal parts and stretched it out to about 5 minutes of work every other week for 3 months. 

Oh and I made this cos I hate Marvel's official design for lady Loki. I mean yeah it's all femme fatale and whatever but she looks like a pregnant 40 year old to me. Nat hawt. 

Loki costume design - Marvel 
Loki as a woman - Old Norse Mythology (shit's canon) 


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United Kingdom
I don't draw like I used to since I'm in uni but I manage to always find time to shit out something not worth looking at every so often.
I do have a new tumblr.
So Anonymissus didn't steal the Loki painting from me. I put it there myself XD I already got a couple notes asking me so yes they're the same person. 

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Thanks so much for watching me ^^ I appreciate the heck out of it! Also your character designs are quite awesome, keep it up buddy!
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I saw some of your stuff on reddit and I loved it :D I also loved your sass in response to the critics 
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Hello! My goodness, you look so familiar to me, I am not sure if we met before or not. Lol But your artwork looks really nice. 
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I havent seen you in AWHILE!!! o3o not sure if u remember me but hai.
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Thanks so much for the favourite on my Beyond the Black Rainbow piece! Have you seen the film it's from?

P.S. I like your gallery a lot :)
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